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Sponsoring a podcast allows you gain awareness from listeners without having to put time and effort into creating their own content from scratch

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Meaningful reach and scale

With regard to your general demographic targeting audience, you can target a number of different categories. These include: age, gender, and location. Going down another layer, you can also target your audience based on their affinity to specific listening devices or platforms

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Be heard by the right listeners

This mindful strategy delivers your brand message to listeners when they are relaxed from enjoying their chosen music and podcast content.

Stay in control of brand safety

The ForeTVHub Advertising Team can create unique, innovative, high octane sponsored ads (including video, audio, images, podcasts, and articles), and then distribute them on the ForeTVHub platform at a highly competitive reasonable cost.

Track performance and measure success

You will be able to see key metrics on your user-friendly, simple to use, real-time dashboard.

Ready to reach the most immersed audience?

Reach your targeted customers on the world's Afrocentric network. ForeMedia Advertising helps businesses of all sizes achieve their goals.