A lot of people have been befuddled about a certain city in Brazil which has an Igbo, a typical Igbo name. Some people have tried to unravel the mystery or history behind the name or how the city got its name.

It is not quite obfuscating that a certain city in an American country could have an African (Igbo) name because no one could tell exactly everything that happened during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade during which several thousands of African slaves were adopted and transported to America.

Umuarama is a city in the State of Parana in Brazil. It is a beautiful city in Brazil. Considering the name “Umuarama”, there might be a connection with the Igbo ethnic group of Nigeria. This is because every Igbo man or woman would interpret the name “Umuarama” as “descendants of Arama”. The word “Arama” could be a reverse of “Amara” which means “grace” or “abundant free will”.

Could it be that Acholonu was actually right in her assertion that “the Igbos lived before Adam” and “the whole world once spoke Igbo language?”

See the photos of the beautiful city of Umuarama in the State of Parana in Brazil.