Borders and airports may be closed, but I am actively in vacation mode – and no, I’m not dreaming. I’ve actually managed to visit different museums and cultural sites around the world in only a few days, thanks to Google Arts & Culture. 

The free-to-use platform allows users to experience different cultures through virtual reality videos and high-resolution images. Imagine this, no Visas required, no permissions (from the parents) required, it’s literally just you, private viewing historic museums and cultural artefacts from top cultural organisations around the world.

Google Arts & Culture has worked with over 2000 cultural institutions from eighty countries to bring art and culture  in all their diversity to your fingertips. The platform has features like Art Camera which allows people to see minute details in paintings and to take an in-painting tour with the little orange man in the right corner taking you on a virtual walking tour.

Have you ever imagined what the Monalisa look like in your living room? Use Art Projector to bring life-size artworks to your fingertips.

Happy Exploring!!