Affordable Housing is one of the biggest challenges for Africans in Nigeria, the United States and Brazil.

Affordable Housing is one of the biggest challenges for Africans in Nigeria, the United States and Brazil. Cheap houses are essential in order not to get stranded at any point in time. In a bid for this, Fatherland has drawn a Property & Infrastructure Development plan that focuses on two projects which are African Cultural Creative Cities and Affordable Housing.

The Fatherland African Cultural Creative City is an atmosphere for Afrocentric entertainment, education, tourism, business and African community hub. The complex is a fantastic environment for staycation and business trips. Affordable Housing on the other hand is a work in progress that plans to provide affordable homes in major African communities. The initiative aims to develop and integrate affordable communities for the low & middle-income classes by creating thrilling new housing opportunities & programs across a broad range of incomes. The first two projects will kick-start in Badagry, Nigeria, and Atlanta, Georgia.

The Fatherland Property & Development plan hopes to boost the lives of struggling Africans & African descendants in Africa and the Diaspora by helping them to purchase affordable homes in multiple regions and locations. In a bid for this, Fatherland Badagry also launched an off-plan sale of villas at the creative city complex. 

These villas showcase the African experience, her unique culture, and her values, making it a global entertainment and tourist destination. They are classy, state-of-the-art, high-tech, sustainable, family-orientated luxury villas. The housing structure is favorable for villa owners who want to rent out their apartments for a short or long period of time to make more money. The multilingual property management and rental team are always onsite to arrange these bookings.

So be our guest, if you are looking to buy a fabulous villa in the Fatherland as a holiday home, a home away from home, a rental investment, or a retirement home or whether you are moving from overseas permanently. Fatherland gives you an experience that melts your heart due to the extravagant environment, delicious food and heartwarming music that connects you to the good life.

Having a fabulous permanent home, or home away from home, in the Fatherland Residential Villas in Badagry, right where our courageous ancestors were shackled and forced onto slave ships, gives us an incredible connection.