Fatherland Travels aims to broaden horizons, strengthen connections and empower more people to explore the world.

Fatherland Travels, a global institute focused on cultural, heritage & faith tours across Africa and a member of the prestigious Fatherland Group has introduced a 10- day Ifa Spirituality & Pilgrimage program which will be everything and more.

Fatherland Travels aims to broaden horizons, strengthen connections and empower more people to explore the world by introducing unique tours that explore the history, landscape, culture, and culinary traditions of fascinating places across Africa. With a global team of passionate tour guides, Fatherland Travels promises a whole new level of creative, exciting, uplifting, inspiring, and safe experience that is second to none in the world.

The Ifa divination system is prominent among the Yoruba community and African diaspora in America and the Caribbean. The divination system uses an extensive corpus of texts and mathematical formulas which can only be interpreted by a diviner, the Ifa priest or Babalawo, literally “the priest’s father.”

In a bid to allow the world to learn and participate in the Ifa divination system, this Pilgrimage Program has been put together by Fatherland Travels to enable tourists of all ages, male or female, young or old to have a broader knowledge of Ifa Spirituality & Pilgrimage. It promises to be fun and educational.

The Ifa Pilgrimage Program will take place in Nigeria, with Abeokuta, Lagos and Badagry being the region of focus for 2023. The tour to these locations is grouped into four which will commence in this order, January 31, 2023, April 30, 2023, July 31, 2023, and October 30, 2023.

Tourists will be well catered for and never have to worry about being stranded as tour guides and Ifa personnel will be on standby to guide them throughout the tour. It is indeed going to be worth every penny. The tour promises to be educative, engaging, exotic and relaxing as tourists will be shown exotic tourist attractions and get a high-standard Hotel reservation.

The price for the tour is highly affordable. A single person pays a sum of $9,000 while couples pay an affordable sum of $8,500 each that covers an economy class return flight from Atlanta to Lagos, the visa application process, accommodation at all locations in Nigeria, all expenses paid meals, transportation for an entire stay, entry to all the attractions, activities, and optional Ifa pilgrimage.

It’s never too much to learn about African culture and tradition, this initiative by Fatherland will give families, couples, individual travelers, & private & corporate groups more insight into Ifa Spirituality & Pilgrimage and the Yoruba Community at large.