The Black British Book Festival will open at the Legacy Centre of Excellence in Aston on Saturday. This festival celebrates black authors from all literary genres across the UK and hopes to remove barriers for writers looking for a way to get their work published.

Sir Lenny Henry and David Olusoga are set to headline the event, which first launched in2021 and is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

This festival was founded by Nena and the Green Juice author, Selina Brown. After facing a series of challenges and daunting experiences when publishing her (Selina Brown) first book during the pandemic, she decided to create an opportunity for other bidding writers.

Her aim was to create the festival to support black people and steer the publishing industry. By celebrating and supporting Black authors and publishers, we can enable more authentic storytelling that reflects Black experiences, identities and voices. Around 600 visitors attended its debut event last year.

“We try to support Black British authors to get their books out there” Ms Brown said.

“The festival is a space where black authors are regarded and cheered on” She added. “This event is for everyone to enjoy the colorful, spirited, and touching voices of black writers across the UK”.

Visitors should expect discussions on Black British representation starting a career as an author and finding an agent. The festival will also include speeches from Birmingham’s poet Laureate Casey Bailey and authors Laura Henry Allain, Diane Ewen, Lola Jaye, and TL Huchu, featuring a line-up of workshops and activities.