A young man has caught the attention of many on social media after making a piece that reflected the life he once had – The artist said that though he made the art years ago when he was a hawker, the piece is still relevant today

People who were wowed by his work said he should be able to make much money from what he does. Trending topics on the go.

The young man said he made the art in 2019 as a way to document how he was always struggling to make ends meet. Sharing photos of a boy with a basket carrying cold drinks and ‘pure water’, the man asked people to retweet his work on their timelines so that it can go viral.

UGC On the boy’s palm were different denominations of the Nigerian currency, depicting a stark picture of people who hawk amid traffic.

 In the background are two yellow buses showing that the setting of the artwork is Lagos state.

Many people praised his beautiful work as they advised him on what he could do more to make the most out of his skill.

@Symply_Dotun said: “Bro you’re good, convert it to NFT. You can make good money off it.” @NGNBITCOIN said: “It’s time you come into crypto and fuel your passion in the crypto space. Learn about crypto and then covert your artwork to what we call NFT. You can sell your NFT to the highest bidder.” @IamNonsoNwagbo said: “Heard of NFT? Try to convert it to NFT and you’re on your way to making cool bucks. If you’ve not heard of NFT try checking it out on Google or YouTube.”

@zara__davidson said: “This is beautiful. I love the realism of the ‘pure water’.” @firangi06633394 said: “Some People are really talented ooo.”

Meanwhile, it was earlier reported that a young Nigerian artist wowed people with the beautiful pen drawing he made of Wizkid. The man said he was happy the work came out well. He also revealed the drawing was the outcome of more than an 800-hour dedicated hard work of using a coloured pen to flesh out the Grammy award winner. The artist, therefore, asked people to support his craft and retweet the post so that the musician can see the amazing piece.