Penance: Absolution(Book 3 of Penance Trilogy)



In the final part of the trilogy, Dagmar Johnson is forced to return to London upon the appearance of Angela/Angelica Jones who is seeking her assistance. Having given birth to her daughter, Dagmar Johnson is reluctant to leave the safety of her home and family but she realises that her past life is catching up with her. She must take action to resolve these issues and tie up loose ends. She still yearns for the lovely Rashmika Patel; this is one such issue that must be resolved. Along the way she encounters death, corruption and gratuitous violence. She must finally see off the gang that has been bothering her since she unclamped her car…Dagmar Johnson flirts her way through London, gets to shoot her customised Glock and makes an unexpected friend. Lucius and XTC set out on new adventures along the way as she finds herself promoted and tasked to remove the Turkish gangsters who have made her life a misery. She flirts her way through London’s crime scene complete with Yardie drugs dealers, sawn off shotguns and a crime family from Liverpool. Dagmar Johnson’s steamy Teenage Tales complete the series.

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C.R Spencer

Print Length

859 pages

Publication Date

November 2018


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