Schoolteacher Elliot Smith is standing on the platform of an outdoor underground station late one night. He is not pleased having just wasted an evening watching a long faded band in a local pub. He is thinking about school the next day. It is raining and he just wants to get home to his empty apartment. His long time girlfriend has left him with the ultimatum of buying her share of the flat or sell it … He is plugged into his music when he hears a loud clattering. He turns to see a beautiful but very drunken female tumble down the steps. He races over to the foot of the old wooden stairs to catch her and stop her from hitting the hard tarmac of the platform. The lady is dressed in a silver, strappy short dress and a thin but expensive leather jacket. Her high heels are somewhere up the stairs. She has no bag or phone and doesn ‘ t seem to know where she is. He can get no sense from her but he takes pity …

Just who is this mysterious lady? She appears to be in some trouble. Is she running from someone? What is she doing on this almost deserted underground station? Elliot Smith’s routine life is knocked off course …

Little does Elliot Smith realize that this lady will change his life …

This story is based on true events..

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Anaclette James Spencer

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310 pages

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