Live Is a short but comprehensive book that explains how each of us can maximize our life here on earth. Life is more than just waking up and going about one’s business. It’s deeper than that. This book brings all to the realization of what life means. Except you realize what life entails, you really can not talk about Living it to the fullest.

There is a reason for every life on earth and no one can come to realize that reason for his or her life by mere going to school, learning a trade, waking up, and sleeping. Life is deeper and if you truly want to live you need to go deeper. Some even think life is all about food, clothing, and well-being. Well, life means more and entails more. You need to read through this book to capture this truth.

Unfortunately, some things may stop you from living your life to the fullest. Many haven’t recognized those things yet so they still play see along with some of them. How will you be able to stop the inhibitors if you don’t know them? This book provides answers. Not only did this book show you the inhibitors, but it also provides practical steps to stop them before they stop you.

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Adeyemi Bello


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