Mayor’s Abduction



What do you do when you dislike the mayor. You get him kidnapped, of course…

Norman Sinclair seemed poised to return for his second term as the Mayor of Cardim until he is kidnapped mysteriously from a moving carriage two weeks from election day.

No one notices but on the same day, another girl disappears from an orphanage nearby. Kerry has been receiving anonymous letters every year on her birthday cautioning her about a bald man with a half-burnt face who wants to kill her. She thinks nothing of the warning till she finds the same man lurking outside her orphanage on the morning of her eighteenth birthday.

Before she goes missing, Kerry sends a desperate plea to Maya for help. So, while the city police scour the metropolis in search of the mayor, Maya is on the lookout for Kerry. But finding the girl is every bit as hard as finding the mayor. There are few clues to follow and those that there are provide more questions than answers.

With each passing moment pushing Kerry’s life in greater jeopardy, will Maya be able to reason her way through the quagmire and solve the mystery in time?

Or is it too late already?

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Noah Alexander

Publication Date

Septemeber 4, 2020


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