The Citadel and the Crowd


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The future can be promising sometimes, even if it isn’t clear why.. We all have ideas about our individuality, and it seems very hard to acknowledge our size in this vast universe. The idea of infinity is so powerful, yet remains so distant, and we are unable to grasp it. What can happen when certain ideals grasp our destiny? When our confidence in our uniqueness, creativity, and individuality deludes us into getting lost in the mazes of our own mind, instead of opening up to the vast potential of the universe?

The Citadel and The Crowd is an artistic contemplation into individuality, promise, creativity, and the invisible shackles that surrounds us. The story is told through a number of poetic images and symbols that convey much more than a drown sequence of actions can. A thorough examination of the imagery of this graphic novel invites the reader into a deep introspection of what it means to be a member of this vast crowd of existence. The Citadel and the Crowd is the second component of the “Wings and Chains” trilogy. Whereas “Land of Iron” looks at the gradual loss of self due to compromises and ambition, “The Citadel and the Crowd” examines the duality of Individualism-Collectivism and the pursuit to understand one’s potential, creativity, and place in the universe. It is a graphic novel about imagined sanctuaries, individuality, ideas, the promise of future tranquility. The Citadel and the Crowd is a dream-like artistic exploration and tries to convey its message by using a mix of symbols and poetic visualizations.

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Ahmad Hijazi

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August 2020


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