Tiny Tales



Welcome to Tiny Tales (Book One)!!

This is a collection of nine short stories and snippets from novels by Author Makala Thomas, who urges us all to take time out and read whenever we can.

The genres of the short stories in Tiny Tales ranges from fantasy to romance, crime, drama, and more.

Keeping you entertained whatever the weather, this book of short stories will cheer you up and keep you alert as you wonder what is going to happen in the next one!

Tiny Tales Included in this little book:

1.Unrequited Love
2.Eternal Love
3.The Moon Sword
4.A Dangerous Game (Snippet)
5.Winning Roses
6.The Book Of Shadows
7.The Link: Colette’s Return (Snippet)
8.The Link: The Betrayal (Snippet)
9.The Shifter


Additional information


Makala Thomas

Publication date

10th April 2020


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