A Dozen Ways To Convert Your Idea Into Success

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If you are reading this, then you are on track to becoming successful. No, this is not a way of boosting my ego! Many persons would rather click on headlines that say “10 Ways to Convert your Ideas into MONEY” or “How to become Rich overnight” without really thinking through the possibility of such. Is there really any article anywhere in the world that converts Ideas to Wealth – Garbage in, Garbage Out?

Well, I have read lots of content on this issue and my candid answer is NO!

The truth is that what everyone with an idea needs is success, wealth is just a by-product of success and should not be  the primary goal. Success could mean getting a grant to establish an idea, building the right networks, sealing a great partnership, etc.

Creatives and Entrepreneurs must understand that Ideas rule the world and to rule the world, you must work very hard and do much more than others. You can only rule those you have an advantage over!

Below are a dozen points I have compiled from different authors over time on how best to convert ideas into success. I hope they help you as they did me.

I wish you success.

1. Believe in Yourself: You can’t take action until you believe in yourself enough to handle the consequences of your decisions. Any time you assume the responsibility to give something that had not existed before an opportunity to become a reality – you become accountable for your actions.

2. Create Your Own Personal Board of Advisers: Learn from those who have done it before. Don’t ever think you have all of the answers, just because it’s your idea. Ideation is distinctly different than execution.

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3. Embrace Risk as Your Best Friend: Risk becomes your best friend when you give birth to an idea. If you can accept this fact, you will approach the process with a lens that keeps your dreams and ambitions in perspective and on track. When things don’t go as planned along the way, stay focused on the mission at hand and do not allow disruption to set you backward. Risk is normal and steps #1 and #2 will keep you looking forward.

4. Be Extremely Patient: Compromise is a choice, not a sacrifice.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Take the time to appreciate the journey and understand how things work. Most people are too anxious to get their desired results and thus start to make bad decisions as they go.

5. Learn How to Sell Your Vision: Converting your idea to a reality requires you to help others understand your vision. Selling vision is much like selling change. Clearly define your value proposition and how it can generate revenue. Selling lofty ideas without understanding how it will achieve financial results will never get you the right audience.

6. Connect the Dots Along the Way: Everything is connected to something else. Learn how to spot the paths of connectivity along the journey.  What may be your “core idea” today can mature into something bigger as you connect other tenets that naturally associate with your idea along the way.

7. Be Passionate With Your Pursuit: The pursuit of excellence requires you to unleash your passion. When you put your passion into everything you do, it gives you the power to become a potent pioneer. You will blaze paths few would go down, and see them all the way through to the end. Your passionate pursuit of converting your idea into a reality will open new doors to endless possibilities.

8. Be Purposeful: Your intentions for your idea must have purpose and meaning. If not, your probability to quit along the way will increase. It will also increase the likelihood of you “psyching yourself out with unnecessary excuses.”

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9. Focus on Building Momentum: Carefully identify all of your resources and build upon them via relationships, networking and sharing of resources to expand the opportunity for your ideas. Building momentum is critically important to convert your idea into a reality.

10. Always Make the Idea Better: Never grow complacent. You can always expand upon your idea and make it better. When you begin to see how the dots connect, challenge yourself and your personal board of advisors to make your ideas even better.

This is what Steve Jobs did with Apple, Pixar Animation and Apple again. Continuous improvements were part of his legacy. He never stopped thinking of ways to make his ideas better.

11. Make Work/Life Balance a Priority: No matter how smart, passionate, or focused you work, without balance we are all susceptible to burnout. Mind, body and soul must be properly aligned. Take the time to make work/life balance a priority. It will give you greater clarity of thought and help you keep things in perspective.

12. Build a Legacy Around Your Idea: Let’s say you made the commitment to assume the responsibilities associated with the first 11 steps and have already been successful. Your original idea was born and its impact has now morphed into multiple areas that you would have never thought possible at the beginning.

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