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What President Trump Wants from Global Trade

President Donald Trump’s approach to international trade is driven to a large extent by his belief that the United States is being unfairly treated by other countries. His main supporting evidence is the trade deficit – the US buys more than it sells internationally. He has referred to the deficit

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How SA Tech Company is Providing Food Delivery Solutions to Zimbabwe

South African tech company, Hello Group, has created a window for Zimbabweans to import foodstuff via its Malaicha App. The tech company which is based in Pretoria, Gauteng, has been licensed by the government to provide foodstuff delivery from South Africa(SA) to Zimbabwe where people heavily depend on Africa’s most industrialised economy for food,

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Post-Pandemic Homecoming Set to Boost African Airlines’ Recovery

Ethiopian Airlines Group sees African air traffic returning to pre-coronavirus crisis levels quicker than the rest of the world, boosted by a temporary spike in demand from stranded citizens returning home. Governments of countries including Uganda, Kenya and Madagascar closed their borders before or almost immediately after confirming their first Covid-19

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What is Social Entrepreneurship?

In the last decade, social entrepreneurship has generated a lot of interest from people in different spheres. More institutions of higher learning and top shelve businesses are beginning to admit that social entrepreneurship is the solution to majority of the social challenges faced by both individuals and the society. Universities

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Togo becomes 18th African country shareholder in ATI

African countries fast-tracking membership to ATI in response to expected trade and investment insurance capacity impact from COVID-19 Togo becomes 18th African country to join ATI, with a shareholding of US$12.5 million, through a concessional loan by the European Investment Bank. Membership in ATI provides African countries with additional trade and

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Xiaomi Mobile Set To Penetrate Africa’s Smartphone Market

One of Africa’s big players and leading e-commerce platform, Jumia has agreed a deal with technology leader Xiaomi at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, giving millions of users in Africa easy access to Xiaomi products. Xiaomi has the capacity to take over 25 per cent of Africa’s mobile phone

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How To Achieve Digital Risk Management For Business

The success of your company depends on you making the right business decisions. Risk management is a key determining factor to these decisions. You must set up a frame-work to identify, assess and manage the risks in your business. Failure to prioritize digital risk management could potentially hurt the revenue and growth

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South Africa’s Soweto Choir Wins Third Grammy

The Multiple award-winning South African music group, which goes by the name Soweto Gospel Choir, has won the revered Grammy Awards for the third time after a decade absence. The group won the award for the Best World Music Album category for their album titled ‘Freedom’ which is a collection

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Volkswagen to Establish Vehicle Assembly Facility in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the latest African country to strike a deal with German automaker Volkswagen, following Ghana and Nigeria in 2018. The deal will see Volkswagen support Ethiopia in developing its automotive industry by establishing a vehicle assembly facility, localizing automotive components, introducing mobility concepts such as app-based car sharing and

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