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For a ForeTVHub-only subscription, select End Subscription. ForeTVHub brand is also included with a fatherland community membership – to cancel foretvhub subscription, under fatherland community Membership, select Edit on fatherland app.

Any additional subscriptions tied to your fatherland community membership do not renew once your fatherland community membership ends.

The foretvhub app is available on a range of mobile devices such as android phones, tablets and IOS.

Open your device’s app store to download and install the foretvhub app.

Open the foretvhub app.

Register your device by selecting sign in on the foretvhub website. You will receive an email sending details of your sign up on the website and Start Watching, using your foretvhub account information.

What to do if you can’t sign in or sign out of foretvhub, or if you see error codes numbers.

Ensure that you are using the correct details for the account you want to use with foretvhub. If you have forgotten your password, you may need to click Forgot your password? on the sign-in page to reset it.

Try again – temporary connection issues cause some sign-in issues.

If you are unable to sign out, browse to Account & Settings > Your devices on the foretvhub website. Then click Deregister next to the device you want to remove.

What to do when ForeTVHub Video won’t play or if you see error codes

  • Close the ForeTVHub Video app on your device (or your web browser, if you’re watching on your computer).
  • Check your Internet connection and you may need to restart your computer or connected device and/or router
  • Ensure that your device or web browser has the latest updates.
  • Ensure that you’re not using the same account on multiple devices
  • Pause other Internet activity – especially if other devices are using the network at the same time.

What to do if the ForeTVHub app on your Connected Device doesn’t connect to the Internet.

You may encounter an error message while using the ForeTVHub app if you’re experiencing issues with your Internet connection. Try the following steps if you’re having problems:

  • Check that your connected device is connected to the Internet. You can usually check your connection in your device’s Settings menu.
  • For connections made via Wi-Fi, make sure you’ve entered the correct password for your Wi-Fi network.
  • If your device is connected to your router, but still encounter error messages, restart your connected device and any home network devices like modems or routers.
  • Check to make sure that your device’s firmware or operating system is up to date.

ForeTVHub Video is available in over 50 countries and territories with an eligible ForeTVHub subscription or fatherlandcommunity membership.

Eligible Fatherland community memberships include:

Annual fatherlandcommunity membership,

Monthly fatherlandcommunity membership and

14-day free trial for foretvhub new users.

ForeTVHub parental controls allow you to set restrictions for video content that can be viewed or purchased on your account.

ForeTVHub parental controls work by requiring entry of your Account PIN to bypass purchase or viewing restrictions enabled on your account.

To download foretvhub contents for offline viewing, open the foretvhub app on your device, and find the content you want to download. In the foretvhub app for Android and Windows 10, you’ll be able to select where to save downloaded contents.

For movies: Select the option to download the contents from the detail page.

For TV shows: There’s an option download the entire season. To download individual episodes, select the download icon on the list of episodes.

To activate subtitles or captions, You may need to select the language that you wish to have Subtitles or captions are displayed in before playback. On the content’s Overview screen, press up then right in order to select Subtitles. If captions are available, they’ll have the Closed Caption or Subtitles  icon.

During playback of a content that supports Subtitles or captions, select the Closed Caption or Subtitles  icon from the playback menu. This will allow you to turn Subtitles on or off, and select the language of the Subtitles.

You can also adjust the size and color of the text used for Subtitles via the Subtitles Settings menu. If your device supports it, presets can also be created and selected.

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