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Its a true life story of Mike Bamiloye from childhood to adulthood. How he ministered to the world through drama by quitting his job and was supported by his fiancé and they were both celebrated at last.
Hell or High Water” is a short film that tells the story of a young pastor loved and adored by the people around him. Things change for him when he must confront a hidden truth about himself—a truth that could make or break him psychologically. But, whatever decision he makes, he is still going to crash and burn, for life as he once knew it would never be the same again. The story explores the reality of sexuality amidst spirituality, exorcism, blackmail, and family life. ”Hell or High Water” challenges stereotypical narratives about sexuality.
A profeesor that disbelieves in the existence of God. watch what happened to her.
A middle aged man having a field day in his philandering acts bites more than he can chew when an encounter with a young naive girl becomes his worst nightmare. find out more in this educative and captivating movie featuring funsho adeolu, debbie shokoya, dapo martins, atoribewu, foluke daramola amongst others.
A village girl who was well raised got pregnant for a man that work in uk and she later joined him over there and deliver a baby boy for him.
A high profile celebrity decides to reconnect with her children, she brings them to live with her. It turns out to be a bigger task than she anticipated, there is a killer in her home.
Tolu tells the story of a young girl that lives with her family in a fishing community on the water in Lagos, Nigeria.
In order to prove herself valuable to the community and break the gender stereotype, she embarks on a journey by herself into the sea to try and catch as many fish as possible.
On her journey, she meets a wise old man that shows her a side to reality she has never seen before.
Yori, Akin, Ibrahim, Folabi, and Leke were good friends all are happily married, enjoying their lives with good businesses. One day Folabi called them all for a business collaboration execution that will give them a huge profit after done but eventually they all couldn’t contribute the total capital to push the business so they had to involve a rich man that is out of their friendship circle and that was what brought about their death one by one until the last one discovered the truth about the others death.


Decolonizing The Wisdom Of The Ancestors will take a look at various indigenous and African spiritual, mystical, and esoteric traditions before colonialism. Decolonizing The Wisdom Of The Ancestors takes a look at how different people around the world lived spiritually, how they viewed spirituality, and how they practiced their traditions before the colonizers began to promote the erasure of ancestral spiritual traditions. We will look at energy traditions, native traditions, IFA, traditions that morphed based on the diaspora, Kemetics, Abrahamic traditions, and more.
Legends of Black Music (LBM) Awards : It’s focus on black people that merit awards in african music and humanitarian .
Highlights Black Individual living in the UK, and has accomplished a lot, but faced challenges of racial discrimination from time to time, be it in the past or current society.
Voodoo Day is a public holiday and it is more than a belief system, it is a complete way of life, including culture, philosophy, language, art, dance, music and medicine. The gods are so close here that you don’t even need a priest to act as a middleman between you and them. You simply speak directly with the spirits who will pass on your messages and requests. It’s said that anything you ask for will come true within a year.
Did you know that August 31st is Afrikan Traditional Medicine Day? If not, you may have spent all of your childhood and most of your adult life not knowing the quality of care available to you, affordably, from quality Indigenous Holistic Medicine. You may not have known or enjoyed its protective and restorative power. And that, is a great tragedy. Because 42 years ago, Traditional Medicine was endorsed as being part of primary health care at an international conference. 20 years ago, Afrikan ministers at a WHO Africa Region conference established this day as Afrikan Traditional Medicine Day. 20 years ago, the then OAU established 2001-2010 as the Decade of Afrikan Traditional Medicine and urged countries to promote it. The question is, if all of this has been known for so long… why are such few people aware and what can we do now to change that? #AfrikanTraditionalMedicineDay #HolisticMedicine #HealingAfrika
In this video, we talk to Stella Njagi, Founder of Spills of Eden,, about natural living and holistic medicine and how easy and necessary it is to incorporate these into our daily lives.
First, they came with the Great Reset and now they are bringing the Great Narrative which we know is not for the good of anyone except themselves. But in all of these global agendas that are being pushed, we must remember not to react in fear but to act in strength and confidence. The story of Afrika is vast and the places to cover are bigger than what just a few can cover in a lifetime. And because it is time for Afrikans to tell their own story like only they can tell it, we invite you to join us to make this journey of telling the true story of Afrika a reality. We can do this. To donate to our fundraising, please use the link below: #Befree #Afrika #Fundraise
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Culture Clash

Newest Episode: Culture Clash
The emphasis of Culture Clash features how well young people meld into their new American identity and what contributions Caribbean American make to American society. Second-generation children often come into conflict with their immigrant parents because they adopt more of American culture and break away from the tradition of their parents.