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A young woman hopes that a boyfriend can help her take a short cut to success, she leaves home, disrespecting her parents but life humbles her.
Mama Kate and Obrempong were lovers that separated because of Obrempong father’s nature of job. They promised each other to be together but that did not happen. They now decided to marry their children off after they graduate so that the two families can come together. Sally and Gimmy did not agree to their parents promise but they were convinced and they got married. They had different interest, hobbies and likes that make their living together a charade. They decide to confront their parents with the whole truth. When they got to Sally’s father’s house, they saw their parents in the living room making out. Amidst all these drama, they have to cope with their ‘Slim Sexy’ house help. Will they be able to tell their parents the truth? Will they go back to live as husband and wife or roommates? Charade teaches about love.
Just Hope tells the story of a young girl named Mary who is saddled with the sole responsibility of catering for the needs of her younger sister and crippled father after her mother dies during child birth. She drops out of school to enable her sister continue while she continues to hawk on the streets to make ends meet. Through the help of her neighbor, she gets a spot to sell at a school. It is at the school she meets Ese, a student and they start a beautiful friendship. Ese extends not just a hand of friendship but also helps Mary live her dream of going back to school.
Its a true life story of Mike Bamiloye from childhood to adulthood. How he ministered to the world through drama by quitting his job and was supported by his fiancé and they were both celebrated at last.

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it’s a comedy that you will love to watch! funny and interesting.
A slap from an officer and its transformation.

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Chika, is a girl that gears to nourish and protect lives. Most of what are called ‘ancestral cultural traditions’ are nothing but crippling decapitating traditions. The so-called customs are difficult to let go once they are ‘ritualised’. Great story.
It is a short animation switching from a danger zone to a safe zone.
A boy learning how to hurt a dear from his brother but his emotional about killing the dear. The brother from behind him shoot an arrow to the dear and tap him to follow the dear but eventually, the dear run to a monster who healed him. The brother again shoot an arrow on the monster and the monster died leaving is mask behind. The boy picked the mask but his bother took it from him and was cloned to be like the monster he killed.
A lonely junk yard robot pursues his attraction to a female vacuum cleaner, as he tries to impress her.

Abejoye TV Series

An African Traditionalist Man Olayiotan ABEJOYE who has traveled to America to spend some time with his son but there came a lot of explosive conflicts between beliefs in his traditional religion and the Pentecostal faith of his son and his household.

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