EP 1

A Lion In My Tent

In this episode, my brother-in-law Andy and I travel overland from Hermanus (near the Southernmost tip of Africa) to the Kalahari. We drive through the Karoo, enter the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, then take the 4x4 track across to Mabuasehube in Botswana. Early in the morning after our first night camping, a young male lion wanders into our campsite, gives us a fright, then walks into our tent and proceeds to rip up our things. We also film a very cute lion cub and a brown hyena and spotted eagle owl visit our campsite. While a lion in one’s tent is rare, lions commonly enter camps in the Mabua area because uninformed visitors leave taps running or bowls of water out for them, rather than leaving them live normal lives in their natural habitat. Most visitors sleep in roof-top tents or caravans, so they are relatively safe.