EP 2

A Lion In Our Campsite

In this episode, my brother-in-law Andy and I are camping in Mabuasehube, on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and a beautiful lioness wanders into our campsite. Unlike most of the camps on the South African side of the park, the campsites here are unfenced and many do not have running water, so you have to be wary of wild animals and carry everything you need. We film some small animals and birds around the campsite, meet up with my parents, and a beautiful lioness invades our camp. We also film black-backed jackals, spotted eagle owl, springbok, secretary birds and some sunset time lapses. And as a bonus, Andy reviews a toilet. Lions commonly enter camps in the Mabua area because uninformed visitors leave taps running or bowls of water out for them, rather than leaving them live normal lives in their natural habitat. Most visitors sleep in roof-top tents or caravans, so they are relatively safe.