Mike is dressed sharp ready for a special day. Today is his girlfriend Rutendo's birthday. Mike has a special surprise. HE IS going to propose to her. Mike arrives unannounced and walks in on Rutendo making out with another man. In utter shock and disbelief, mike attacks the two. With a severe blow to the head, Mike sends Rutendo crashing to the floor. She is dead. Mike has committed his first murder...for the night...
Tanaka is young girl and she is an orphan. She falls in love with (King) a guy from a well to do family. Monica and Tyra work day and night to destroy this love between Tanaka and King. Love conquers all; the two lovebirds overcome all the challenges up to the wedding day.
Whenever she sees her mom and her dad together she becomes jealous and angry. Its obvious she is in love with her own father. Selfie has turn into a jealous and dangerous monster with no value for human life. She is capable of anything once you wrong her. She was deflowered and consistently been abused sexually since age 15 by her father. She grows to develop feelings for him.
Akoto is now remorseful of his deeds and want to turn over a new leaf but selfie is addicted to him and won’t let go. She now abuses his father sexually at gun point. The monsters men create indeed come to hunt them.
One day her mother was found dead in the house in a questionable way that led to an investigation by the police. An undercover female CID was sent to befriend with selfie and investigate her life. She becomes selfie best friend and sister whom she share her all with.
Shocking and Buried secrets worse than killing begin to germinate.
This Campaign Portrays the dangers faced by the NIGERIA YOUTHS in the hands of POLICEMEN. People, who are to PROTECT them, now kill them based on ASSUMPTIONS....
Anita Dube (Hazvinei Mazonde), a movie actress, goes abroad in search if greener pastures. She returns home desperate to find her kidnapped daughter. Anita and her friends ignore the ransom, they take the law into her owns hands. They get closer to danger but they fight tooth and nail until they dismantle the evil syndicate.

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