Just Hope tells the story of a young girl named Mary who is saddled with the sole responsibility of catering for the needs of her younger sister and crippled father after her mother dies during child birth. She drops out of school to enable her sister continue while she continues to hawk on the streets to make ends meet. Through the help of her neighbor, she gets a spot to sell at a school. It is at the school she meets Ese, a student and they start a beautiful friendship. Ese extends not just a hand of friendship but also helps Mary live her dream of going back to school.
Scholastica Njeri decides to commit suicide because of depression.? She writes her last letter to her mother and narrates to us the last moments of her life after taking the suicide pills. Will the pills work, will she be saved?
In a village with a population of not more than 300 people in total was a boy named Adediwura, he was a clever, gentle and adorable one.
He has a mother and a younger sister but the father is late yet they still live fine and happy until one morning when the whole village was summoned to the village square for a robbery that occurred in the night before the morning in the village when a false allegation was made against Adediwura by a false witness which led to a lot of unbearable punishments, tragedy, mystery and disgrace, which also cost Adediwura mother's life.
Unfortunately, Adediwura couldn't bear all this but to leave the village for unknown place to start a new life where his trouble continues.
A young lady has to choose to stay happy regardless of the current relationship situation she is in. There is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel.
karma is a story of ''As you sow, so shall you reap'' . it is filled with affliction, love and revenge.
A middle aged man having a field day in his philandering acts bites more than he can chew when an encounter with a young naive girl becomes his worst nightmare. find out more in this educative and captivating movie featuring funsho adeolu, debbie shokoya, dapo martins, atoribewu, foluke daramola amongst others.
The Elite is a Kenyan drama trailer of 2021 directed and shot by 4EW Films. Its protagonised by kids below the age of sixteen years. The film will showcase how kids can be responsible to themselves by learning from the dynamics of life and pull out their minds together to solve out their issues by themselves even without an elder's advice. Cleah who happens to be the leading character portrays the role of responsibility to other characters. Regardless of Josh being an irresponsible one, Cleah happens to nature him morally. By airing this film to your audience, it will help in enlightening our society more about teenagers and what should be done in supporting them as they grow.
A dead-drunk boy wakes up with a severe hangover on the first day of the Covid-19 lockdown and he battles the horror of living alone through the 14-day lockdown period without his phone and any means of food, money and sustenance.
This is a story of a couple whose decision determined their fate.
A young man's life is truncated following a series of events that could have been avoided. Scan is a short film produced and directed by Mr Tunez Filmmaker. Executive Producers ; Adetutu Ola Kosoko and Akinnayajo Babatunde.
A high profile celebrity decides to reconnect with her children, she brings them to live with her. It turns out to be a bigger task than she anticipated, there is a killer in her home.
When young men and women become the target of those who are meant to protect them, when a nation is awashed with crimson and bullet shells, who do we call, who will raise a cry? This short film explores the lives of victims of police brutality, coined from true life event END SARS seeks to expunge the truth to the world and honor the memory of the lost, while seeking justice for crimes perpetrated by state security. Created by passionate Nigerians who in their own way want to tell their stories the film evolves organically in the middle of a historic moment, reverberating one sound, one demand, one cry, #EndSARS
What was supposed to be a fun-filled and harmless trending online game between two lovers reveals an unbelievable secret that throws their relationship in jeopardy.
Focus On Couple Who Could Not Have Their Own Kid and Decided To Go For Adoption.
A tumbling tussle comes between a young struggling man who is in a quest to make a wealthy and powerful man pay a due on his sick mother. Unfortunately, things take a turn when they both have to drink from the cup of the wrath they created. Find out more in this captivating movie featuring Femi Adebayo, Yewande Adekoya, Jamiu Azeez, Segun Arinze, Dapo Martins, Segun Ogungbe.
"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow" ERU is an intriguing story on the effects on anger. Anger births fear, sickness and most especially tears down relationships in a twinkle of an eye.
Ten year old Zoe, whose mother is a victim of incessant domestic violence from her abusive husband suffers in silence up to a point where sleep becomes her only escape from her unbearable reality. It is important to note that an overwhelming preponderance of children exposed to such domestic violence suffers from other psychological conditions such as depression and chronic anxiety.
In a bid to beat the 8PM curfew, a woman crushes due to over speeding. She hits a motorcyclist who, as it turns out, is not a stranger.
Nifemi, a medical doctor, blames herself for exposing her husband to COVID19. She will go to any lengths to protect the only thing she has left - her daughter, even from herself.
Remi is the direct opposite of what he portrays himself to his friends. He appeals to his friends as a marriage counselor whenever they come to him for advice not knowing that Remi is the living on lies, Oba iro.
Set in Lagos, the Anomalous is a dark erotic television drama that follows the professional practice of two young Psychologists, Dr. Kelenna and Dr. Oluchi, a husband and wife team - and experts in the use of behavioral therapy - at their private clinic as they deal mostly with clients, session after session, in bizarre cases that needs healing and sometimes put their skills on trial. They are not your regular couple and their approach to everything is unorthodox. He is the sugar to her spice and her, the yin to his yang, in business, at work, and at home - especially the bedroom. Their lives seem perfect until their encounters with some of their clients in therapy push them to the fore of their demons and test their love and loyalty.
Yori, Akin, Ibrahim, Folabi, and Leke were good friends all are happily married, enjoying their lives with good businesses. One day Folabi called them all for a business collaboration execution that will give them a huge profit after done but eventually they all couldn't contribute the total capital to push the business so they had to involve a rich man that is out of their friendship circle and that was what brought about their death one by one until the last one discovered the truth about the others death.
Thomas or rather, " brother Thomas ", a shy and humble mannered? young man is ready for church...wearing his Sunday best clothes.he goes to pick up his friend Taku..Today Thomas has been given an opportunity to preach by the pastor. He is excited. While waiting for Taku to finish up, Thomas wanders into Taku's kitchen and? ?eats a small cake on the kitchen counter which unknown to him, contains cannabis..soon Thomas becomes "high" and begins to run a mock
A young woman hopes that a boyfriend can help her take a short cut to success, she leaves home, disrespecting her parents but life humbles her.

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