This is a story of a couple whose decision determined their fate.
Focus On Couple Who Could Not Have Their Own Kid and Decided To Go For Adoption.
Toba and Gboyega brings home a girl for a "one night stand", what is supposed to be a few minutes of pleasure soon lands them into trouble when the girl dies. They must do everything possible to dispose the dead body before day break, they get into a bigger problem when a third party walks in on them.
Onitemi is a romantic comedy that shows the cute ‘tom & jerry" nature of Sefunmi and Segun's marriage. They can barely stay together under a rough without an arguement but yet, they love each other regardless. On the other end of the story is Damola & Tito who are still courting but very much in love. Tito being the lady thinks it is time they take the affair to the next level but Damola wants to buy some time because of his financial insecurities.
This movis is Focus On Love, Marriage, and Betrayer. Can anyone have a perfect marriage?
A village girl who was well raised got pregnant for a man that work in uk and she later joined him over there and deliver a baby boy for him.

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