Top-rated Movies

Funny service providers strategies to get their customer’s attention.
A young woman hopes that a boyfriend can help her take a short cut to success, she leaves home, disrespecting her parents but life humbles her.
Mama Kate and Obrempong were lovers that separated because of Obrempong father’s nature of job. They promised each other to be together but that did not happen. They now decided to marry their children off after they graduate so that the two families can come together. Sally and Gimmy did not agree to their parents promise but they were convinced and they got married. They had different interest, hobbies and likes that make their living together a charade. They decide to confront their parents with the whole truth. When they got to Sally’s father’s house, they saw their parents in the living room making out. Amidst all these drama, they have to cope with their ‘Slim Sexy’ house help. Will they be able to tell their parents the truth? Will they go back to live as husband and wife or roommates? Charade teaches about love.
Just Hope tells the story of a young girl named Mary who is saddled with the sole responsibility of catering for the needs of her younger sister and crippled father after her mother dies during child birth. She drops out of school to enable her sister continue while she continues to hawk on the streets to make ends meet. Through the help of her neighbor, she gets a spot to sell at a school. It is at the school she meets Ese, a student and they start a beautiful friendship. Ese extends not just a hand of friendship but also helps Mary live her dream of going back to school.
Its a true life story of Mike Bamiloye from childhood to adulthood. How he ministered to the world through drama by quitting his job and was supported by his fiancé and they were both celebrated at last.
Anita Dube (Hazvinei Mazonde), a movie actress, goes abroad in search if greener pastures. She returns home desperate to find her kidnapped daughter. Anita and her friends ignore the ransom, they take the law into her owns hands. They get closer to danger but they fight tooth and nail until they dismantle the evil syndicate.
Toba and Gboyega brings home a girl for a “one night stand”, what is supposed to be a few minutes of pleasure soon lands them into trouble when the girl dies. They must do everything possible to dispose the dead body before day break, they get into a bigger problem when a third party walks in on them.
Sankara is not dead is a poetic road movie, a search for meaning in a time full of tumultuous upheavals that are confronting Bikontine’s poems with the realities of a rapidly changing society. After studies in history and philosophy, Lucie Viver worked as an assistant director. … Sankara is not dead is her first film.
This Campaign Portrays the dangers faced by the NIGERIA YOUTHS in the hands of POLICEMEN. People, who are to PROTECT them, now kill them based on ASSUMPTIONS….
A young man’s life is truncated following a series of events that could have been avoided. Scan is a short film produced and directed by Mr Tunez Filmmaker. Executive Producers ; Adetutu Ola Kosoko and Akinnayajo Babatunde.
A guy was murdered by three (3) of his friends after he backed off from the ritual they were suppose to perform, struggles to communicate with the living. However, he denies his soul rest until he set free the children who were held hostage by the friends.
Watch THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS, a film featuring Funsho Adeolu, Oreofe Williams, Dele Odule and Joke Muyiwa. This is to honour Uncle Funsho Adeolu as he celebrates his birthday.
Hell or High Water” is a short film that tells the story of a young pastor loved and adored by the people around him. Things change for him when he must confront a hidden truth about himself—a truth that could make or break him psychologically. But, whatever decision he makes, he is still going to crash and burn, for life as he once knew it would never be the same again. The story explores the reality of sexuality amidst spirituality, exorcism, blackmail, and family life. ”Hell or High Water” challenges stereotypical narratives about sexuality.
it’s a comedy that you will love to watch! funny and interesting.
Onitemi is a romantic comedy that shows the cute ‘tom & jerry” nature of Sefunmi and Segun’s marriage. They can barely stay together under a rough without an arguement but yet, they love each other regardless. On the other end of the story is Damola & Tito who are still courting but very much in love. Tito being the lady thinks it is time they take the affair to the next level but Damola wants to buy some time because of his financial insecurities.
This is a story of a couple whose decision determined their fate.
Stigma is a short film portraying the true-life story of a Nigerian teenage girl who was robbed of her dignity by her father. The script tells the story of a teenage girl’s rough childhood. It highlights the emotional and moral tussle in her family background, which resulted in permanent psychological dysfunction of her life.
Kelvin, upon discovering that his ten-year-old daughter is not his, seeks for answers. But the truth he seeks comes at a cost… A deadly one!
“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow” ERU is an intriguing story on the effects on anger. Anger births fear, sickness and most especially tears down relationships in a twinkle of an eye.
Mike is dressed sharp ready for a special day. Today is his girlfriend Rutendo’s birthday. Mike has a special surprise. HE IS going to propose to her. Mike arrives unannounced and walks in on Rutendo making out with another man. In utter shock and disbelief, mike attacks the two. With a severe blow to the head, Mike sends Rutendo crashing to the floor. She is dead. Mike has committed his first murder…for the night…