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African Tales The Movie – Mark of Uru – Enemy of the Rising Sun – Business and Pleasure

Azuka is a girl born with a birthmark identical to the tattoo of a sinister sorceress Uru, who died long ago. Despite her mother's effort to conceal the birthmark, it is eventually discovered, and the annihilation of the child becomes imminent, in order to protect her people from the curse of Uru. The intervention of the earthbound elemental spirit Isi-Agu and his protégé Etido forestalls Azuka's execution. She is taken to a sacred mountain well beyond the reach family, friends and foes. The moment she grows into a woman under the protection of Isi-Agu and Etido, the news of her survival sparks a deadly manhunt initiated by people bent on her annihilation, in order to protect everyone from the curse of Uru. The chaos is heightened by the emergence of malignant elements with the intent to capture her and utilize the powers she might posses. Caught in the midst of the chaos, her longing for answers grows. With the assistance of a band of outcasts, she embarks on a grueling journey, through the most treacherous terrains to unravel the mystery behind her bizarre birthmark.

Year: 2021
Genres: ,
Time: 1hr 03mins 50scecs
Release Date: August, 2021
Cast Angela Ukoh Cyprian Sylvester Obinna Onwuekwe Patience Njoku
Director Obinna Onwuekwe
Producer Segun Williams
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