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Dark Side

A creature [Who] (geologist, miner) is collecting organic blue minerals on a world that appears to be tidally locked with its sun. Upon visiting the cold dark side of the planet, he encounters an alien jellyfish. The alien jellyfish attempts contact not realizing that the frigid temperature of her body would cause near instant frostbite to the already chilled cold-blooded creature. The creature at first, fights his predator instincts as the cold fire burns his cheek scales but before he can stop himself, he draws his sidearm and fires at point blank range. A stream of cryonic vapor leaks from the alien jellyfish's burst endoplasm as she slowly falls to ground. The mineral core of her exposed to the atmosphere and releasing a new hatchling into the cold and dark. The creature realizes his mistake immediately and runs back to his module, injured exhausted and distraught. He gathers up his sample case, knowing he must redeem his honor. he takes what he now knows are the eggs of this species and returns them to the cold, where they instantly hatch. The baby Metroids imprinting on her as their new mother and Queen as she becomes aware that her duty is to protect these creatures with her very life.

Year: 2014
Genres: ,
Time: 5mins 20secs
Release Date: September, 2014
Producer: The Animation School
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