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End SARS: A Cry for Justice

When young men and women become the target of those who are meant to protect them, when a nation is awashed with crimson and bullet shells, who do we call, who will raise a cry? This short film explores the lives of victims of police brutality, coined from true life event END SARS seeks to expunge the truth to the world and honor the memory of the lost, while seeking justice for crimes perpetrated by state security. Created by passionate Nigerians who in their own way want to tell their stories the film evolves organically in the middle of a historic moment, reverberating one sound, one demand, one cry, #EndSARS

Year: 2020
Time: 16mins 00secs
Release Date: May, 2020
Cast Carlos Azoro Merciful Ajinomoh Onuabuchi Prince Martin Oyare Oche Oyelami Oluwasegun Sani Samuel Utene Valerie Usigbe
Director Leroy Eferaomo Usigbe
Producer Leroy Eferaomo Usigbe
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