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2020 – 2020

Road to Stardom

Newest Episode: Episode 5
Road to Stardom, is the true life story of a guy called Emmanuel which is now a superstar. He is the first out of 5 children of his mother. After the death of his father, the family has been living in abject poverty. The family has to depend on God and Godly people in the society for living and survival.
2021 – 2021

Seed War In Ghana

Newest Episode: Seed War In Ghana
The war on indigenous seeds either in Afrika or anywhere else in the world, is not only evil and wicked, but demonic and should be pushed back with every iota of our strength. To criminalize anyone for planting, sharing or selling the seeds which they have known all their lives, because some greedy sons of wickedness think they have rights to patent a variety of it, is nothing but evil and should be stopped. Humanity should not go down this road of self-destruction. Stopping this madness is not just for a few people or organizations but for everyone of good will and conscience. Our future depends on it. #Loveseeds #Protectseeds #Saveseeds To donate to our fundraising, please use the link below:
2021 – 2021

Take Me Out

Newest Episode: Take Me Out
All New Take Me South Africa. Watch our Male Bachelors battle it out as they try and score themselves a DATE.
Mbanjo and his family troubles in Uganda.
Interview with young artists on different hot topics and their life style.
Nigeria Health Watch is a not-for-profit organization offering communication and advocacy expertise in the health sector. Our dual strengths in health and communication enable us to provide perfect solutions for communications and advocacy in the health sector. Nigeria Health Watch is managed by EpiAfric, a health sector focused consulting group working to improve population health through expert research and data analytics, project design and evaluation, health communication, advocacy and training.
2019 – 2019

Uke Nnadi Kitchen

Newest Episode: Episode 3
Watch Uke share how to make different African Dishes. 
2021 – 2021

Moment with Millicent

Newest Episode: Episode 17
Watch Millicent demonstrate how to make different dishes and snacks.
2019 – 2019

Cooking with Funi

Newest Episode: Episode 2
Watch Funi demonstrate how he makes different dishes.
2019 – 2019

Celebrity Life

Newest Episode: Episode 4
Focus on the lifestyle of celebrities. That is; their living conditions, behaviour, and habits that are typical of them or are chosen by them.
As 17 African countries mark 61 years since ‘independence’, we ask the question – Is Afrika truly independent, truly liberated and truly free? Much fanfare surrounded the announcements and the continued commemoration of these days by nations across the continent – and our history books are full of accounts about how we got here… but what’s the truth? What is Afrika dealing with and how do we face it? Let’s talk!
Legends of Black Music (LBM) Awards : It’s focus on black people that merit awards in african music and humanitarian .
The Chris Ogunbanjo foundation and philanthropy circuit brought all NGO’s to collaborate, socialize and network to impact the African communities at large.
2019 – 2019

IDC CIO Summit

Newest Episode: IDC CIO Summit
Summit 2019 on strategies for an era of multiplied innovation and automation.
To become more successful, the impacts music has done on the youths.
He who controls the land, controls the seeds. He who controls the seeds, controls the harvest and the food chain. And he who controls the food chain, controls the people. While we as Afrikans have majorly been asleep, wicked men and women in the form of global corporations have been stealing and corrupting our organic seeds and replacing them with genetically modified seeds and it’s time we wake up and stop them, before nothing is left for our children and the next generation of Afrikans.
Did you know that August 31st is Afrikan Traditional Medicine Day? If not, you may have spent all of your childhood and most of your adult life not knowing the quality of care available to you, affordably, from quality Indigenous Holistic Medicine. You may not have known or enjoyed its protective and restorative power. And that, is a great tragedy. Because 42 years ago, Traditional Medicine was endorsed as being part of primary health care at an international conference. 20 years ago, Afrikan ministers at a WHO Africa Region conference established this day as Afrikan Traditional Medicine Day. 20 years ago, the then OAU established 2001-2010 as the Decade of Afrikan Traditional Medicine and urged countries to promote it. The question is, if all of this has been known for so long… why are such few people aware and what can we do now to change that? #AfrikanTraditionalMedicineDay #HolisticMedicine #HealingAfrika
In this video, we talk to Stella Njagi, Founder of Spills of Eden,, about natural living and holistic medicine and how easy and necessary it is to incorporate these into our daily lives.
As we continue to look closer at the issues facing and the tricks used against Afrika, we need to discuss the reality of Economic Apartheid. A tool used to hamstring, derail, delay, slow our progress in even the most basic of things. In order to set ourselves free, we must take a critical look at the various ways Economic Apartheid works. #Nolimitation #StopApartheid #FreeAfrika