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Did you know that August 31st is Afrikan Traditional Medicine Day? If not, you may have spent all of your childhood and most of your adult life not knowing the quality of care available to you, affordably, from quality Indigenous Holistic Medicine. You may not have known or enjoyed its protective and restorative power. And that, is a great tragedy. Because 42 years ago, Traditional Medicine was endorsed as being part of primary health care at an international conference. 20 years ago, Afrikan ministers at a WHO Africa Region conference established this day as Afrikan Traditional Medicine Day. 20 years ago, the then OAU established 2001-2010 as the Decade of Afrikan Traditional Medicine and urged countries to promote it. The question is, if all of this has been known for so long... why are such few people aware and what can we do now to change that? #AfrikanTraditionalMedicineDay #HolisticMedicine #HealingAfrika
In this video, we talk to Stella Njagi, Founder of Spills of Eden,, about natural living and holistic medicine and how easy and necessary it is to incorporate these into our daily lives.

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