Stephanie Travers a 24 year-old Zimbabwean chemical engineer is the 2019 PETRONAS Track-side Fluid Engineer, scaling over 7000 applicant for the profitable job.
Stephanie will provide Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas five-time F1 championship winners with a a comprehensive suite of fluid support services and Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Motorsport.
She was part of the more than 7,000 applicants who applied to be Formula 1 track-side fluid engineer with PETRONAS for 2019.

Among the 7000 applicants, PETRONAS searched for the best, and the best had to be talented, young, people with competence and full of passion for the sport,Stephanie Travers was said to have met this category as she has a great mind and is very talented.
She will work at every race in the travelling PETRONAS Track-side Laboratory,and with the track-side team which is led by Ahmad Nasri.

These engineers represent the technical excellence of PETRONAS in Formula One and the company’s commitment to building a pool of talent for the advancement of our fluid technology from track-to-road.
Stephanie’s passion,determination and success has brought about excitement .not just in Zimbabwe but around Africa as a whole. she has broken a record in Africa as a continent, as she inspires young girls and women to pursue their dreams.
The programme has also become a great asset to find and develop talent in this highly competitive industry. Travers has already joined the team in Barcelona where testing, data gathering and preparation for the 2019 season is taking place.