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A Nigerian Man Called For United Nations Help over Nigeria Crisis

A Nigerian Man dressed in Military Khaki stood in front of the UN Headquarters in Toronto.

He held a Microphone and a cardboard with an inscription “International Community come to our aid in Nigeria.”  

He Said:

“Good morning the whole world, Good morning the UN Headquarters, I am Comrade Olujimi Adekele.

Nigerians are under siege, Nigerians are no longer safe in Nigeria, President Buhari, General Buhari is a terrorist, Gen. Buhari has empowered the Fulanis and YorubasForet.”

“He has given the Fulanis gun to kill the Hausa. President Buhari is aiding the Bandits, He calls them Bandits but they are Terrorists. They are the advanced Boko Haram. Buhari is accommodating terrorists in his Government.”

He however pleaded with UN to come to Nigeria’s rescue; He also said Nigeria is bleeding,He kept calling on the UN to come to Nigeria’s aid and called President Buhari useless.

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