Several airlines are taking added precautions to thwart more violence in D.C. leading up to Inauguration Day … starting with a temporary gun ban.

Delta Air Lines is leading the charge by banning firearms in checked luggage for all passengers who are flying to D.C. area airports. The temporary gun ban begins Saturday and will last until January 23. Joe Biden will be sworn in on Jan. 20.

This is the text message Delta’s sending to affected customers … letting them know it will not be allowing firearms in checked bags “To help ensure the safety of customers and employees.”

A Delta spokesperson adds that “Weighing the violence we witnessed in the Capitol last week” contributed to the decision. The temporary gun ban policy applies to flights going to the Ronald Reagan National Airport, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Dulles International Airport and Richmond International Airport.

So far, United, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines have joined Delta in the gun ban, noting that like Delta … law enforcement and military officials will be exempt.

Along with the temporary policy on firearms, major airlines have announced other heightened security measures for flights to D.C., such as selling fewer tickets, increasing staffing at airports, and relocating crew members to hotels outside of the downtown D.C. area.

Cleary, for the next week or 2 the airlines, like most of America, are on high alert.