As analysts continue to debate the still emerging exit polls and voter data that will ultimately tell the story of the 2020 election, many agree Blackvoters in Georgia were crucial to Biden’s narrow November victory.

It is also commonly understood that Black voters will be critical to Georgia’s high profile Senate runoff races, and organizers are hoping to continue to grow their numbers.

Along with most of the country, Georgia saw record-breaking turnout in the November election from all demographics, including those with traditionally low voter participation. For Black voters, organizers on the ground like Dennette Battle have had an enormous impact on increasing turnout in their communities.

“Because with the efforts of a lot of grassroots organizations, which we can give a lot of them credit, not just our organization, but many organizations came out and actively promoted voter participation,” Battle said.

Battle was stationed at South DeKalb Mall on the first day of early voting for the January runoff election, wearing a Black Voters Matter mask. She was there to do civic outreach on behalf of her Delta Sigma Theta sorority alumni chapter, offering voters at South DeKalb Mall a free meal.

Battle has been volunteering throughout the 2020 election cycle and says it is because of groups like hers that Georgia saw record turnout.

Georgia voters will play a pivotal role in deciding control of the U.S. Senate on Jan. 5. Republican incumbent Senators DavidPerdue and KellyLoeffler are trying to fend off challenges from their Democratic rivals JonOssoff – and the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, RaphaelWarnock.