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Kenya : Cabinet Secretaries deny alleged plot to eliminate Deputy President

Three Cabinet Secretaries from central Kenya were on Monday questioned by detectives after Deputy President, William Ruto accused them of plotting to eliminate him.

ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru, Mr Peter Munya (Trade and East African Community) and Sicily Kariuki (Youth Affairs) presented themselves at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters after Dr Ruto filed the complaint on phone.

According to Mr Munya, who spoke on behalf of the other two ministers, Dr Ruto claimed the CSs, some principal secretaries, heads of parastatals and other government operatives from Mt Kenya were holding secret meetings to plan to kill him.

The meetings were held at La Mada Hotel on Thika Road.

The plot, Dr Ruto allegedly told DCI, was part of a wider scheme to ensure he does not take over after President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022 when his second and final term ends.

Mr Munya, Mr Mucheru and Ms Kariuki arrived at the DCI alongside PSs Andrew Kamau (Energy and Petroleum), Joseph Njoroge (Energy) and Andrew Wakahiu (head of the presidential delivery unit).

However, after more than two hours of questioning, the ministers emerged and told journalists that they had not recorded any statement because Dr Ruto had not made any formal complaint.

“There is no written allegation recorded in the OB and no complainant has written any report,” Mr Munya said.

“The only written statement is a letter doing rounds in social media but because DCI could not authenticate it, we refused to respond to its contents.”

He said their request to the detectives to record the contents of Dr Ruto’s call was not granted, hence the questioning could not proceed.

Mr Munya, Mr Mucheru and Ms Kariuki denied any plan to eliminate the DP.

“We have made it clear that at no time have we ever met anywhere (not just at La Mada) to plan killing the DP or any other person for that matter. We came here because we are law abiding citizens,” he said.

The CS said “I think it is irresponsible, unfair and it is intended to portray us in a very bad light so as to look like criminals who meet to plot criminal activities.Mr Munya said meetings by Mt Kenya leaders are only held to address development concerns of the region and that they would continue to take place as scheduled.

The concerns, he said, revolved around the leaders’ alleged slow implementation of major development projects in the region and claims that central Kenya CSs had become inaccessible.

He added that they would present themselves to the DCI to record statements as soon as the DP filed an official complaint against them or if the detectives authenticated the letter alleging the plot.

However CS Munya said “If they authenticate the letter and they find it is genuine and thus requiring our response we are ready to do so anytime.

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