Cuba Gooding Jr has had his criminal record wiped clean and avoided jail after his forcible touching case.

On Thursday, the 54-year-old “Jerry Maguire” actor’s plea to second-degree harassment for forcibly kissing a lady in a nightclub in 2018 was reduced.

Cuba Gooding fulfilled the requirements of his April plea agreement with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which included completing six months of alcohol abuse treatment and behavior modification therapy.

Coleen Balbert, the prosecutor, stated in court on Thursday that she had heard “good reports” from the actor’s counselor and that he intended to continue his treatment beyond the mandatory six months.

In separate events in New York in 2018 and 2019, Cuba was accused of groping three women, leading to six counts of sexual abuse and forcible contact.

Cuba Gooding was permitted to drop his misdemeanor plea and enter a guilty plea to harassment.

With the non-violent harassment violation, he won’t have a criminal record, but if he had broken the terms of the agreement over the previous six months, he could have spent up to a year in jail.