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Electric Boats Give Kenyan Fishermen a Better Option

Fishermen on Lake Victoria in Kenya have begun using some of Africa’s first electric fishing boats.

Asobo, a Kenya-based start-up, is offering battery-powered engines to some of the tens of thousands of boats that go out onto the water each night, as a cheaper and greener alternative to petrol ones.

Most of the estimated 60,000 fishermen who go out fishing every night use petrol-powered engines, which emit fumes and can pollute the lake through oil spills.

“There is a difference because with this motor there are fewer fumes while driving and the petrol engine vibrates a lot and the fumes get into your lungs. This is good and works well,” Cevince Odhiambo said.

Rose Awino said the benefits of the electric-powered boat are clear: “I had a petrol engine, but the problem is that it kept on breaking down, but with this one they repaired it themselves. We can focus on preparing our fishing trips,” she said.

“We need humanity to change our ways of using energy, and get away from fossil fuels, said Laurens Friso, Asobo’s chief executive officer.

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