In an angry rebuke issued on Wednesday, an international black group based in the United Kingdom, Better Future for Africans – BFA Project has demanded the immediate release of the young people so called “Hoodlums” arrested by the Nigerian authority over the #Endsars protest saga.
The BFA Project said Nigeria accounts for about half of West Africa’s population with approximately 202 million people and one of the largest populations of youth in the world but with a massive wasteful youth population. The problem today in Nigeria has been on for a long period and many world leaders have called the attention of the Nigerians to it including Bill Gate who said the Nigeria Government should invest in the human development of the population most especially the younger generation but the very corrupt government in Nigeria make no effort to address the situation.

Nigerian Government can’t have her cake and eat it at the same time, the world is very angry with Nigerian leaders. The government has failed the people, the dehumanization of the citizens has continued for a long time, and still, the people keep suffering in the hand of the authority.
Nigeria has the largest number of children in the world who are not being educated, no basic infrastructure in the public school and as a matter of fact, some schools do not have tables and chairs in the classrooms for the pupils but the leaders in Nigeria send their children to the best schools around the world while the children of the masses keep suffering and dying.

The Nigeria unemployment rate keeps growing yearly while degree holders in Nigeria drive motorcycle taxis as a means of living but few individuals that are less than 5% continue to share the commonwealth of the Nation. Nigeria’s failed system has given birth to different types of crime including Cybercrimes and others.
The group emphasized that many of the so-called hoodlums are ignorant and do not have the opportunity to know better. The government needs to invest in people according to Bill Gates’s advice for a better society.

The group called the Nigerian government to pardon the youth arrested for looting palliatives and public facilities that there is massive hunger in the land. The group expresses sympathy to the private people that lost their properties during the crisis and asked them to hold the government accountable because that is what the society has produced.
If the Nigerian Military could pardon the Boko Haram members, recruit them into the military, and put them back into society then there is no reason for any sensitive government not pardoning people for taking food and properties. The government should rather put more effort to bring the military officers who opened fire on innocent citizens to book.

The group secretary, Daisy Andrew, called on the foreign embassies in Nigeria to issue a travel ban on the public officials including the military officers, the police officers, the state governors, and other public office holders for human rights abuse and corruption. She said we will not stop here, we will investigate every abuse and human right violation and communicate our findings to the international community for necessary action.