Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his wife (Zinash Tayachew) adopt an orphan named Million.The country recently banned the foreign adoption of children.

In Ethiopia foreign adoption from outside the country is not allowed.

With Abiy Ahmed and Zinash Tayachew taking the first step, there are hopes that adoption in the country is moving towards the right direction.

It was indeed great news for Ethiopians as the court granted permission to the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his wife, Zinash Tayachew, to adopt an orphan from one of the orphanages in the country (Kibebe Tsehay Orphanage home).

The adoption of the child million was approved by the court, it granted the request on the basis of furthering the best interests of the child.

The court further said that the child could not give a comment as the child is 2 years of age.

The court also advised that legal procedures should be followed when adopting a child in the country.

The Ethiopian government changed its adoption laws as part of its efforts to always act in the best interests of children.

The ban on the adoption of foreign children was enacted in order to protect children from foreigners who adopt them, then go on to abuse them.

This piece of law came into effect after there had been reports that children were abused by foreigners, and that some of these children would actually die as a result of this abuse.

This law helps to protect Ethiopian children.

The prime minister and his wife have laid a great example for the people of Ethiopia to follow.