Advertising is powerful!!

Advertising is a vital part of any business as it allows new and existing customers to be aware of a new product to come and try the product.

Advertising helps gain audience loyalty after they become familiar with the product.

ForeMedia Group has created a platform to help Business owners harness their target market in the black communities.

The launch of ForeMedia Advertising is indeed a beneficial one for business owners and consumers.

ForeMedia Advertising is very straight – forward due to the existence of ForeTVHub.

ForeTVHub is a leading online platform for the best of the best in Afro-centric news, movies, music, podcasts, books, video gaming & video-on-demand (VOD).

It has over 30+ million monthly user- base that keeps increasing rapidly due to the high demand for Afrocentric entertainment.

Let’s get into it

What is ForeMedia Advertising?

ForeMedia Advertising is a number one Global Digital Brand that empowers other brands, organizations, and advertisers to reach the highest number of black consumers.

They help brands reach the right audience with positive and targeted messaging adverts that will convert potential customers into paying customers.

They provide comprehensive, intelligent advertising solutions that grow your business effectively and generate profitable results.

Types of ForeTVHub Ads Format

Before you can begin creating your first campaign, it is essential to understand each format of ad available on ForeTVHub.

  • Audio Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Screen Ads

What are Audio Ads?

These ads are available on ForeTVHub Sounds.

Audio ads are played between 10-30 seconds in duration. They are also played periodically at the beginning, during appropriate breaks, and at the end of songs and podcasts.

What are Video Ads?

ForeTVHub Video ads combine top-quality sight, sound & motion in OTT (over-the-top) and out-stream video ads on websites & devices across the web.

When consumers stream videos, the ads appear for a few seconds during appropriate video breaks.

What are Display Ads?

Display ads are another simple ForeTVHub advertising format. They appear in the right-hand sidebar on your chosen ForeTVHub website categories, app & devices, & across the worldwide web.

They can also appear at the ForeMedia Store.

What is Sponsored Content?

ForeTVHub sponsored content appears on ForeTVHub as small call-to-action (CTA) pop-ups.

These sponsored ads are to promote your business or brand. The post appears on your ForeTVHub websites and across all devices.

What are screen Ads?

Screen Ads include prime location outdoor & indoor Digital Screen Ads that specifically target Black communities & public places which attract large Black crowds.

ForeMedia Advertising offers an extensive range of competitively priced cutting-edge services, including a compelling ‘one-stop solution for brands, agencies & advertisers and great campaigns to reach clients’ audiences on screens everywhere.

Benefits of Advertising with ForeMedia Advertising

ForeMedia Advertising provides loads of benefits for organizations, brands, and advertisers. Their range of competitively priced cutting-edge services, including a compelling ‘one-stop solution, has helped brands:

  • Reach their target market,
  • Create brand awareness
  • Generate click-through, purchases, and leads
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Reach Millions of Africans

How to Start Advertising with ForeMedia Advertising