The Biggest Afrocentric distribution company, ForeTVHub hosted Microsoft at their Monthly Digital Conference “ForeTalks” on the 19th of June. It was tagged ForeTVHub Meets Microsoft.

The Conference focused on “changing the African narrative through product management the Microsoft way” and it was open to the public and approximately 100 people were in attendance.

Gabriel Ogundele, a digital creator, was the host alongside Omowumi Victoria. The conference was divided into two sections, the THEME section and the Q/A section.

Gabriel was on hand to open the conference and he introduced the keynote speaker. 

The keynote speaker was Dr Bart Jaworski, a senior product manager of Microsoft and he spoke in-depth about product management, career path in product management and gave an incredible closing remark for the first section.

He said “some ideas won’t be good, some ideas won’t be great, but keep at it. Do your work to the best of your abilities”

Omowumi, a web product manager, handled the Q/A section. During this section, attendees were allowed to ask questions, share opinions and suggestions.

At the conclusion of the conference, the team lead Mrs. Timilehin Suara gave her closing remarks and the CEO, ForeMedia Group, Hareter .B. Oralusi gave his vote of thanks.

As a parting gift to attendees of the conference, they would be given over 80% discount on product management master class training, digital content creators will have the opportunity to monetize their content and small black business owners will receive huge support.

It was indeed a memorable conference.