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HRW; South African Government Must jail Perpetrators of Xenophobic Attacks

South African based African diaspora forum and Human Rights watch have called on south African government to jail the perpetrators of xenophobic attacks.

The two rights group are calling for immediate investigation,arrest and prosecution of persons involved in the attacks from march 25-April 2,2019.

The chairperson at the African diaspora forum,Vusumuzi Sibanda said, aside from its call for an end to attacks on foreign nationals,the south Africa government has not done more to ensure the arrest of the perpetrators.

”There must be a stringent action on those who have committed this dastardly act,serving as deterrence to others and for prevention of another round of attacks on foreign nationals”.Sibanda said

According to south African director at human rights watch,Dewa Mavhinga said,to deter those who attack foreign nationals, there should be an urgent need for effective policing, arrests, and prosecutions.

In the same vein, President Cyril Ramaphosa clearly condemned the attacks.

The groups however, said they were even more so concerned that the violence came amid rising political tension, as South Africa goes to the polls on May 8.

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