Ja Rule chose his Rap Mount Rushmore and included the legendary Lil’ Kim.

Rule, 46, appeared on The Breakfast Club and was asked to name his Rap Mount Rushmore.

“It’s tough. Because it’s eras, you know what I mean?” Ja said. “But if I just had to do four. … You would have to put Jay on there. I would put Pac on there. Big gotta go on there.”

He also added, “I would go with older school guys. Like either Big Daddy Kane, or Rakim, or KRS because of what they did for the culture, and what they meant to the culture. And what Rakim was to a Nas, you know what I’m saying? What KRS was to a whole generation of rappers.”

However, he didn’t forget women who rocked the mic, “But you know what? We never put the ladies in there. Come on, man. MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa. … They are the reason other women picked up a microphone, period. How can you leave them off? You gotta tick one of them and put them on there.”

He saved some huge praise for Lil’ Kim, ““let’s talk about Lil’ Kim… When you look at the Cardis and the Nickis—every female—and then go listen to the Hard Core album…I understand why she’s so revered. That album is crazy, and she’s spitting on that album. It’s not like, you know…she’s going on that album! So I get it when these females are like, ‘Yo Kim was it for me.’ I get it, I get it.”