In honor of Tupac’s birthday, Jada Pinkett Smith, a long-time friend, shared a never-before-seen poem from the “Keep Ya Head up” artist.

The 49-year-old wrote on Instagram. “Tupac Amaru Shakur would have been 50 midnight tonight! As we prepare to celebrate his legacy … let’s remember him for that which we loved most … his way with words. Here are a few you may have never heard before.”

There is also a video in the post, and Pinkett Smith can be heard saying, “Pac wrote me many letters and many poems. And I don’t think this has ever been published, honestly.” She began to read “Lost Soulz,” which she believes was the original concept for the 1997 song “Lost Souls.”

Knees I beg of God / to save me from this fate / Let me live to see what was gold in me / before it is all too late.”

The poem is signed, “Yours, Tupac.”

On September 15, 1996, Shakur was killed in a still-unsolved Las Vegas shooting. He was 25 years old.