Big Sean and Jhené Aiko have given fans another glimpse inside their life as a family of three.

Big Sean and Jhené Aiko have given fans another glimpse inside their life as a family of three, with a new social media post featuring their infant son, Noah.

The post, which was shared via Big Sean’s TikTok feed, finds the couple sitting in Noah’s nursery facing each other as Aiko bounces the almost 3-month-old on her shoulder while solemnly looking her partner in the eyes.

The TWENTY88 collaborators then proceed to lip sync to the last chorus on Big Sean’s 2015 single “I Know,” which hears Jhené Aiko singing an alternate, expanded version of the hook’s lyrics, following Sean’s “I know you’ve been runnin’ on empty,” with a sped up, “(Don’t love the same, I know you’ve been diving through pain/ I know you runnin’ so crazy, I know you runnin’ on empty/ That shit can fuck with your mente/I know this shit, don’t you tempt me, I know you).”

When Big Sean reaches the line “The way you move it’s like you could use a vacation,” the new parents give each other a knowing look.

While “I Know” speaks to a couple trying to push their way through a rough patch, the lyrics are also applicable to the adjustments Big Sean and Jhené Aiko have had to make since confirming that they were expecting their first child together back in July of last year.

See the video below,

Noah’s arrival

The two announced Noah’s arrival in November, a little less than two weeks after his birth. Earlier this month, Aiko posted the baby’s first public picture in her IG Stories, though they have yet to offer fans a look at his face.

Following Noah’s birth on November 8, Big Sean gave some insight into the labor in an Instagram post, writing: “After 24 hours of Labor, A Lunar Eclipse, with rain from the beginning of labor til he was born, he’s here safe and sound. Happy, Healthy and everything we could ever ask for and more. Any and everything for you Son.”

The couple may be fully focused on parenthood, they followed Big Sean’s TikTok with a video on Jhené Aiko’s feed on the platform that saw them participating in one of the viral challenges in which the participants answer questions about their relationship.