Rapper Kanye West just hired a famous Hollywood Lawyer Melinda Gates in Kim Kardashian’s Divorce.

The 45-year-old rapper, Kanye West has hired a Hollywood lawyer Melinda Gates, who is famous for representing billionaire clients in America. Robert Stephan Cohen in the past has helped the divorce process of Melinda Gates and comedian Chris Rock.

“There’s the bad part, the destruction of a marriage. But the other side of this is we start people out and we give them a new life,” Cohen said in his 2021 Insider profile.

Lauding his services, Chris Rock praised Cohen back in the days for getting him through his ‘very tough time with Malaak Compton-Rock.

“Divorce lawyers are like doctors in a weird way,” the comedian, 57, said. “They need to have a good bedside manner. And Bob has a very good, soothing manner. Gets you through, and lets you see the big picture. He explains the realities of the situation.”