• Kanye West revealed to Joe Rogan that he believes that God wants him to run for president of the United States of America
  • He shared this with Joe on his podcast where he detailed experiences and his motivations surrounding the election
  • Kanye was very candid and spoke at length about why he believes that he is the right person to lead America

Kanye West believes that he is being called by a greater power to run for president and that God wants him to be the leader of the free world
Kanye West revealed on Joe Rogan’s podcast that he believes that God wants him to run for president. Photo credit: YouTube/PowerfulJRE

The rapper (43) made a relatively late announcement in July that he would be running for president of the United States of America.
Joe Rogan interviewed Kanye where he revealed his motivations for running for president.

He said: “I believe that my calling is to be the leader of the free world. Even though I’m the pastor for however big my audience is in hip-hop, in music or just as an influencer or celebrity, a dad and a husband in my house – there couldn’t be a better time to put a visionary in the captain’s chair.”
“And that’s not to say we haven’t had visionaries before. I’m not here to down Trump, to down Biden – I’m just here to express why God has called me to take this position.”

He attributed the chaos surrounding Covid-19 for his late entry into the political race which hampered his ability to put together his campaign team according to IOL.
He told the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast: “Why did I register so late to run for president? Covid. I had the virus and I was sitting in quarantine in my house and my cousin texts me about being prepared to run for president.”

“And I just completely put it off to the side ‘cause I was like shivering and having the shakes and taking hot showers and eating soup. … [Coronavirus] threw everyone off. It threw everybody’s plans off. And then it was just this calling on my heart.”
Hollywood Reporter revealed that some people thought that it was a joke, including Oprah Winfrey.

“I remember running into Oprah one or two days after that, she’s like, ‘you don’t want to be president,'” recalled West.
Things are heating up as the election looms close, with just over a week until the next leader of America is decided.

Currently, Joe Biden is in the lead according to the polls with Donald Trump working furiously to narrow the gap.
Recently, Jennifer Anniston tried to discourage people from voting for Kanye in the election after she revealed who she voted for after casting her ballot early according to Fox News.

“PS – It’s not funny to vote for Kanye. I don’t know how else to say it. Please be responsible,” Aniston’s added to her post.
Polls indicate that Kanye has very little chance of actually winning the US election, with only 2% of voters backing him according to Reuters.

In other news, United States President Donald Trump made his vote early on Saturday in the US Election as he prepared himself for another demanding day of campaigning, before the 3 November vote. Trump, who is behind the Democrat Joe Biden in the polls voted at a library serving in West Palm Beach, Florida.
Trump has a home in Florida and moved there last year from his original home in New York City. While he was voting, he was wearing a face mask which is a rare sight from the president who usually downplayed the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has recently made a recovery from the virus after he was infected some time ago.

“It was a very secure vote. Much more secure than when you send in a ballot, I can tell you that,” he said.