Violent clashes have erupted on all hot fighting frontlines in southern Tripoli and in and around Gahryan city as the Libyan Army Forces and forces under the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) command launched an all-out offensive on the positions of Khalifa Haftar’s forces.

From Wednesday morning onwards, the Libyan Air Force under the GNA’s command carried a number of airstrikes on Haftar’s forces positions in Khalet Al-Furjan, Wadi rabbi, Sir Benghashir and Ain Zara districts, thus allowing ground troops to locate themselves in new positions and push Haftar’s forces back to Gharyan or to Tarhouna.

Haftar launched his April 04 offensive on Tripoli from Gharyan, which his forces entered in a deal with the city’s main forces and brigades. Later on, Tarhouna joined the fighting with Haftar against the GNA forces in Tripoli.

The number of deaths and injuries has not been reported in today’s heavy fighting yet.

According to the media office of the Volcano of rage Operation of the GNA-commanded Libyan Army Forces, the Libyan Air Force warplanes also bombed several locations in Qwasim, Abu Shiba and Taghset in northern and center of Gahrayan respectively.

in the center of Gharyan, military vehicles and positions.

In online footage, the forces loyal to GNA were seen inside the Abu Shiba camp in northern Gharyan after Haftar’s forces were bombed and forces out of it.

According to military sources from the GNA, many factions from Haftar’s forces have withdrawn from their positions in Gharyan and in southern Tripoli frontlines due to the fierce fighting.

Meanwhile Up until now, the fighting is still raging in southern Tripoli and in Gahryan, with Gharyan Protection Force announcing that forces from inside the city will revolt against the dictator (Haftar) and his forces.