Collaborating with Denzel Washington in A Journal for Jordan must’ve got the wheels turning for Michael B. Jordan.

During a recent sit down with IMDb to answer fan questions, Jordan and his co-star/mentor were asked if they would ever appear together in a Marvel film.

“Yes!” Jordan, who played Eric Killmonger in the massively successful box office smash Black Panther, said. “No hesitation. “I actually got some things in mind, but yeah!”

The 67-year-old acting legend, whose film The Tragedy of Macbeth just released on Apple TV+, returned the serve, adding, “You better hurry!”

“I know! But I got you. I got some ideas for that,” Jordan retorted, before Washington quipped back, “Hey! Concentrate on one thing. I sound like [a] dad.”

Jordan, who is currently filming Creed III, and has a slate of projects coming out through his Outlier Society Productions company, continued, “Once I finish that project [Creed III] my mind can wander on [to] other creative things.”

Time will hopefully tell if Jordan can convince Denzel to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.