It’s no doubt that insecurity is the new word ringing in the ears of every Nigerian, with the rising Killings and Abductions in the country.

The Senior Pastor of the House on the Rock Church, Paul Adefarasin, has advised the members of his church to plan their exit from Nigeria.

In a video trending on Twitter, the Pastor, who made the statement during his sermon on Sunday, said his wife, Ifeanyi, was not in church because she had things to take care of outside the country.

The Senior pastor of the Lagos-based church said, “If you don’t have a plan B. I know you have faith, I have faith too but I have a plan B.

 “And with technology, I can speak to you from anywhere in the world.

“Get yourself a plan B. Whether to South Africa, Cameroon or a flying boat to the Seme Border, a hole in the ground, a bunker as we call it. Just get yourself a plan B because these people are crazy. They are nutters, the whole bunch of them. And watch the signs because it can happen, just like this (snaps fingers).”

Pastor had lately criticised the 1999 Constitution, saying the genesis of Nigeria’s problem was the document.

“The foundation is that document and if the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do? Go back to the foundation.

“The next administration must not access power until we have a veritable constitution that is truly the document of us the people,” Adefarasin had said.