Former President Obama took to Twitter on Sunday to praise people who tweeted they had voted early, some facing extreme challenges in their lives, and used the opportunity to encourage others to vote.

Obama highlighted three voters, with two of them saying they were battling diseases like cancer and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Brian Wallach, who is undergoing treatment for ALS, tweeted on Friday that, “If I can vote while receiving an infusion and living with a terminal illness, what’s your excuse? #VoteHopesNotFears.”

Obama retweeted him with the caption, “To anyone considering sitting this election out, look at this image. Then make a plan to vote. You’re an inspiration to all of us, Brian – and we’re all behind you in this fight.”

Another Twitter user “Dawn L” tweeted, “While I’ve always been a registered voter, I got my Mom to register to vote for the first time. Even battling stage three kidney cancer the past two months, this Suburban Pennsylvania woman wasn’t going to miss her shot. #especiallyfemale.”

“Kidney cancer doesn’t stand a chance. You’ve got this,” tweeted Obama in response.

A record number of voters are expected to turn out this year, with some experts predicting the highest percentage of eligible voter turnout since 1908. In Texas, over 42 percent of registered voters have already cast their ballot.

Sofia Hidalgo, who identifies herself as “a Cuban-American woman, artist, activist, teacher, and first time voter!,” posted photos of her car decorated in honor of the election and received a shoutout from the former president as well who said “Felicidades, Sofia – I’ll bet your car decorations alone inspired a few folks to head to the polls! Thank you for making your voice heard. It matters.”

Obama has been active on the Democratic campaign’s digital front, releasing over a dozen how-to videos on voting and filming himself filling out a mail-in-ballot. Last week he made his first in-person appearance on the campaign trail, giving a withering condemnation of President Trump in Philadelphia during a drive-in rally.